How SCA handles the donations


SCA can work long term, thanks to support from private individuals and companies. Your support is important for us to continue to work to improve the lives of the people of Afghanistan.  The prices are approximately since the currency rate change on daily basis.

School and education
31 USD – Paper and pen for an entire class
63 USD –  One year education for a student
90 USD – Monthly salary for a teacher
156 USD  – Carpets to sit on and water pump for an entire school
344 USD  – Carpets to sit on, chalk board, water reservoirs and one teacher education kit for one class
187 315 USD –  One standard school with 6 classrooms

Rehabilitation for Afghans with disabilities
52 USD – 10 crutches
240 USD – Prosthesis for lower leg
390 USD – One year vocational training for one student
2185 USD – Construction of a well that gives water to 180 people

Maternal health services
8 USD 
– One health package for a newly born
18 USD – Treatment and education for 10 mothers to be
22 USD – 5 packages with soap, blanket and a towel to pregnant women
39 USD – Weekly salary for a midwife
655 USD – The monthly cost to educate a midwife, an education that takes 24 months
51 512 USD – The price of one ambulance
57 755 USD  – To build a delivery clinic with all equipment necessary

Health care
4 USD – One dose of vaccination
329 USD – One month treatment against malnutrition
360 USD – Monthly salary for a nurse
541 USD – Monthly cost to educate a nurse

SCA is audited by international firms with Deloitte Sweden as the main auditor and PWC/Ferguson being the sub-contracted auditor in Afghanistan. It is accredited to collect funds through a special charity bank account controlled by Swedish Fundraising Control – an ethical foundation run by the Swedish Unions’, Employers’ and Auditor Organisations.


How SCA handle personal information/ data protection policy
When you become a member, sponsor or donate a gift to  SCA we save some of your personal data in our address. It is for us to send you relevant information, a thank you letter or follow-up and other important information.

SCA has a PDA policy (Privacy Data Act) based on the Data Inspectorate’s Personal Data Act (1998:204) in Sweden. The aim is that personal data in the association’s member-donor and subscriber records never will be read, altered, destroyed or used by anyone other than SCA staff.

Personal information that SCA will save is the name and address. Where appropriate, the following information can also be saved:

– Phone Number
– E-mail
– Social security number (in order to update the address)
– Membership or sponsorship
– Gifts in kind donated to SCA
– Purchased goods

None of the information SCA handles is seen as sensitive by the Data Inspectorate’s Personal Data Act. The data is used for the performance of SCA’s obligations to its donors, members and sponsors.

Each donor, member or sponsor has the right to request an extract from the register of their own data, correction of erroneous data and the right to be removed from the register. If you do not want to share your name and address you can always donate anonymously, but remember that most of the banks or postal transfers follows the sender of the transfer.

If you have questions about how we use your personal data, to update the address or deleted the registry – please call Elin Asplund at +46 8 545818 59 or send an email to

Last updated 3/3/2014