SCA buildings seriously damaged in Wardak blast


Several SCA facilities were damaged and three staff members slightly wounded at the big suicide blast in central Maidan Shar on Friday the 23rd of November. The wounded SCA staff could leave hospital the same day but the buildings were seriously damaged. 

The blast occurred just outside the midwifery school and dormitory, run by the Swedish Committee for Afghanistan together with the Norwegian Afghanistan Committee. The student’s accommodation facility was totally destroyed into ruins, practically nothing is left of the building. Also the midwifery school suffered by damaged windows and doors framework and equipment. Since it was holiday, all student and teachers where on leave and the building was unattended. It is not known when the midwifery education can start again, but the school will be closed for about a month until new locations are found.

The SCA Wardak Office in Maidan Shar was also seriously damaged. Windows, walls and doors are destroyed as well as a lot of equipment and furniture inside. The three slightly wounded SCA staff members were located at the Wardak Office.

Also the nearby SCA supported Wardak province Hospital was damaged, e. g. destroyed windows. Fortunately, no patient or hospital staff was injured.

– SCA is deeply saddened by the incident, but we are relieved to learn that none of our staff or midwife students have been seriously injured. The target was obviously some kind of government facility and SCA was unfortunate to be in the proximity, says Andreas Stefansson, Country Director of Swedish Committee for Afghanistan.

– We are currently assessing how to soonest get our office activities up and running again in the safest and smoothest way for our staff. The incident will not impact on our activities in the field and we continue with our health, education, disability, National Solidarity Programme work and midwifery school activities in Wardak province, says Andreas Stefansson.

The street of the blast in Maidan Shar with the midwifery
school on the right side.

The entrance of the midwifery school.

The former accomodation of the midwifery students.
Only ruins remains.

Destroyed SCA office in Maidan Shar.