SCA celebrates 30th anniversary of support in Afghanistan


In 2012 and continuing into 2013, Swedish Committee for Afghanistan celebrated the anniversary of 30 years of presence and support in Afghanistan. SCA has been working continuously in the country since 1982. The celebration on the 1st of November took place at the SCA Management Office I Kabul and was attended by 300-400 guests and staff members.

Among others, the Minister of Public Health Dr. Suraya Dalil attended the
celebration. Dr. Dalil also honoured the anniversary by giving a speech.

Other anniversary speakers were:
SCA Country Director Andreas Stefansson
Deputy Country Director Dr. Shah Maimed
Deputy Minister of Education Dr. Sayed Hamidullah
Former SCA Country Director Anders Fänge
Senator and Member of Upper House Abdul Baqi Baryal
Swedish Ambassador to Afghanistan Peter Semneby
Director of Presidential Programs Hidayatullah Zahid
SCA Chairwoman Lotta Hedström

A very valued speech was also given in sign language by Mrs. Nasira from
Mazar-i-Sharif. Nasira (right) is teacher in sign language in a SCA school and
spoke about her childhood as deaf person and what Swedish Committee for
Afghanistan has meant to her. Here together with Tina Singleton (middle) of SCA and
her sign language translator (left).

In the celebration hall, the four main programmes of SCA had visible stations where they showed the activities in practice.

Andreas Stefansson, the Country Director of SCA:
Will SCA be here for 30 more years? This is a question I have been asked several times the last few weeks. My answer has been YES! What makes me so confident about this? Well, the answer is found in the 30 years that have passed, the 30 years that have shaped who we are, and what we stand for.
SCA stands for commitment. SCA´s legacy is one of endurance. From the first cross-border operations in 1982, throughout the various wars and regimes, SCA has endured as a faithful friend. SCA´s ambition has always been to respond to real needs and legitimate demands of the Afghan people.


Peter Semneby, Ambassdor of Sweden to Afghanistan:
Without the work of the Committee, Sweden would not be as present in Afghanistan as it is today, and Afghanistan would not be as known in Sweden as it is. Afghanistan would not have advanced to the first place among recipients of Swedish development assistance, as will be the case next year. And we may not have had the broad political support in the Swedish Parliament for continuing and strengthening the engagement for Afghanistan. (…) In the aftermath of the security transition organizations like the Swedish Afghanistan Committee will have an increasingly important role to play. If any actor is in the game for the long run, it is the Swedish Afghanistan Committee.

Dr. Shah Mahmood, Deputy Country Director:
What does the future hold? Every one nowadays talks about transition, transition from international forces to Afghan government and security forces. But this transition may not affect SCA and its mandate due to the fact that SCA was in Afghanistan with the people of Afghanistan before 2001 and will remain with the people of Afghanistan after 2014. SCA has created strong bond and relations and friendship with the people of this country and the people of this country will be here after this so called transition. However SCA may face many more challenges but that is not to be worried either.

SCA has proved to be able to coup with the challenges together with Afghans and with the support of the Afghan people; continuing respect Afghan people and their religion and values.

Lotta Hedström, Chairwoman of SCA:
Swedish Afghanistan Committee is in the time, in the running course from birth in 1982, via tough times and Diaspora, struggle, growth, resistance and many achievements in the youth, to the maturity of a 30 years old but young adult. A body that is thirty knows its own value, it is an entity that the surrounding world recognises. It can even be a well-established organisation that continuously has produced good deeds and renders praise! SCA is one and shall stay one. It is the unified struggle and efforts that has taken us to who we are and where we are. Let us not forget that. The “we” and “them”, the east and west, the polarities, boundaries and different view points are all just an illusion. It is just US. It is HERE and it is NOW.

Let me quote (Afghan poet) Rumi:
“Do not be satisfied with the stories that come before you. Unfold your own myth.”


Parliamentary meeting: Senator and member of Afghan Upper House, Abdul
Baqi Baryal meets Swedish parliamantary members Lena Asplund, Carin Runeson
and Annika Eclund.

Health Programme visibility Station

Head Ghulam Nabi Dehzab shows the Rural Development Programme visibility

Visibility station for rehabilitation for disabilities programme station

Education programme visible station

Guests and staff members enjoyed lunch in the garden of SCA Management Office

Former Country Director, Anders Fänge and Chairperson of SCA, Lotta Hedström.

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