From Sweden to Afghanistan by moped to put girls in school


The Swedish fund raiser Gustav Froding arrived in Kabul on Wedneday the 26th after traveling from Sweden to Afghanistan by moped, a small motorbike in order to raise money for the Swedish Committee for Afghanistan (SCA) campaign to increase the number of girls attending schools in Afghanistan.

Gustav Froding drove his moped from Sweden, trough Russia, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan to Afghanistan. The trip was 5500 kilometers and took him three weeks. His journey was widely published in Sweden and helped the Swedish
Committee to promote the campaign. During the trip, he had to solve several problems and he rode the moped 10-15 hours every day. The average speed of the moped was about 40 km/hour.

–       I wanted to do something different. Going to Afghanistan by air was just too easy. I wanted to acknowledge the importance to increase the number of girls in school in Afghanistan and to help raising money for that purpose, Gustav Froding says.
–       Many people followed my journey on the web and contributed donations.

So far the SCA campaign to increase the number of girls in schools in Afghanistan raised money enough to bring more than 1000 girls to school for one year. The contribution of Gustav is important and the campaign will go on for the rest of this year.

When Gustav arrived in Mazar-i-Sharif he visited the Sultan Razia High
School for girls,
–       That was amazing. It was an award for me doing this journey, Gustav says.

The visit was also very appreciated by students, teachers and the headmaster at the school, which is a partner to the Swedish Committee for Afghanistan.

Gustav arrives Mazar-i-Sharif on Youtube (when available)

Gustavs own website,