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Kabul Management Office, KMO

+93 (0)75 20 23 568
+93 (0)75 20 23 590


E-mail to management staff below: add “” after name and @

Senior Management
-  Dimitrije Todorovic  Country Director, dimitrije.todorovic@
- Shah Mahmood, Finance Director / Deputy Country Director, shah.mahmood@
- Jörgen Holmström, Programme Implementation Director, jorgen.holmstrom@
- Khalid Fahim, Deputy Programme Implementation Director, khalid.fahim@
- Lia Mayanti, Director of Administration, lia.myanti@
- Zemarai Saqeb, Policy and Quality Assurance Director, zemarai.saqeb@
- Shikha Ghildyal, Human Rights and Gender Coordinator, shikha.ghildyal@
- Anders Rosén, Information Coordinator, anders.rosen@
- Shannon Oliver, Senior Security and Risk Management Advisor, shannon.oliver@

Kabul Management Staff
- Aminulhaq Mayel, Head of Eduction Programme, amin.mayel@
- Humayon Safi, Head of Health Programme, humayon.safi@
- Amin Qanet, Head of Disability Programme, amin.qanet@
- Mohammad Akbar Zadran, Acting Head of Rural Development Programme, akbar.zadran@
- Tina Singleton, Senior Disability Advisor, tina.singleton@
- Tamara Amoroso Whalen, Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation Coordinator, tamara.whalen@
- Payvand Seyed Ali, Senior Education Advisor, payvand.ali@
- Annika Karlsson, Civil Society Coordinator, annika.karlsson@


Swedish Committee for Afghanistan in Kabul
Jalalabad Main Road, Paktia Kot
PO Box 5017, Kabul, Afghanistan
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SCA, P.O. Box 5017, Kabul, Afghanistan

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